LATEST DRAUGABLÍKK RELEASE: NÍU: Blood of the Amali (Ásaland Metal Cut)

This is Draugablíkk

Draugablíkk is danger, intrigue, dread, and blood feud; a world of forgotten wonder and shamanic mystery; a journey into the past where only the brave will survive, and only the lucky can prosper. In the wake of the primeval Hyperboreans and the legendary Aratta, from the Arctic to the Mediterranean, through ancient Persia to uncharted America, and beyond, Draugablíkk will reveal a forgotten world — and rediscover the secrets it has cloaked for too long.

Draugablíkk is also a musical, cultural, and historical project whose boreo-pagan folk sound blends traditional Scandinavian instruments and arrangements with Eastern influences such as ancient throat-singing and sky father shamanism. In addition, Draugablíkk draws inspiration from Proto-Norse, Gothic, Scythian, and Vedic culture, archeology, and folklore.

Notable members include mythologist, co-lyricist, and visual look-lead Vinithor “Amajarl” Amal, co-lyricist, composer, and lead-singer Valgam “Galdrabragi” Akatziri, and Sigrún “Seidrsunna” Spákona who provides vocals and folk instrumentation.

But Draugablíkk is more than music and culture. It is an egregore in the making, slowly establishing itself by creating invigorating fiction and art, based on authentic mythologies in which lies the initial origin of our creation. Without an understanding of the past, future generations will be unable to master their true purpose and fate.

“Draugablíkk is a lot more than music, art, and culture. It is an egregore in the making.” — Vinithor Amal

However, not all are born with the spark of Draugablíkk or truth-seeker rune-sight. Thus, the task at hand falls on those who have it. To us, the world is a very different place: we can sense the ancestral ghosts that surround us, the sleeping giants in the hills, and the great beasts and deities that others dismiss as legend. ᛟ

Hermóðr and Sleipnir boldly deliver Draugablíkk news — regardless of weather and wind.