Draugablíkk is a Hunno-Gothic neofolk band that blends Scandinavian tones and mythology with heathen musical traditions from the Great Steppe. Draugablíkk performs folk music inspired by forgotten history, mysterious folklore, and Mimir’s wisdom.

The world of our forebears was danger, intrigue, dread, and blood feud. They lived in a world of wonder and supernatural realities that are now long forgotten. Draugablíkk is on a journey to rediscover that world for the benefit of mankind, and to unearth invaluable knowledge from a time when only the brave survived, and only the lucky prospered.

Third Eye Blind

Mystery is fundamental to true insight. But not all are born with the spark of Draugablíkk also known as truth-seeker rune-sight. Thus, the task at hand falls on those who have the blikk — the natural ability to connect with the past on a primordial level while seeing reality for what it is. To us, the world is a very different place: we can sense the ancestral ghosts around us, the sleeping giants in the hills, and the great beasts and deities others dismiss as legend.

“Not all are born with the spark of Draugablíkk also known as truth-seeker rune-sight. Thus, the task at hand falls on those who have it.”

Man-made civilization is in a terrible condition, but that condition can be changed, and it starts with those lucky enough to be born with the blíkk — the spark of true rune-sight. We know in our hearts something is wrong. We endlessly reincarnate to provide resistance while carrying forth antediluvian wisdom that hails back tens of thousands of years. We are ancient souls reborn with scarred yet capable hearts chasing sinister forces through the cycles of time.

The history of mankind has been cloaked for too long

In the wake of the primeval Hyperboreans and the lost kingdom of Aratta, from the Arctic circle to the Mediterranean shores, on thundering hooves through Europe’s Dark Ages back to the beginnings of Persia, through the Great Eurasian steppes and beyond; Draugablíkk’s musical adventure will reveal the secrets our foes still keep hidden from mankind.

In addition to being a neofolk act focused on exploring folklore and music, Draugablíkk is a cross-cultural historical project that aims to raise awareness of who we are — and from whence we came. We are an egregore in the making, slowly establishing ourselves by creating invigorating fiction and art based on the myths in which lies the initial origin of our creation.

The Old Gods Are Watching

The gods do not want us to live in a world without magic, for that is not only a world without mystery but also a world without faith and meaning. However, those who self-select to initiate will quickly rediscover what once channeled the power of the Old Gods.



With best wishes that you may be reborn in the kind of world our ancestors dreamt of,

Amajarl, Valgam, & Alvtýra