August 21, 2021 — Ǫndskuggi’ from last year’s Draugablíkk album Verjaseiðr is one of the reasons why we do this, folks.

Life is cyclical, like all facets of nature. But, linear progression, sacred or secular, is a myth — a deadly, dangerous myth. Everything is born, lives, and dies — empires that never ended too.


Unseen they come, and unseen they go.
Men in ignorance call THEM from below.
Dark is the way of the dark friars’ travel,
dark of the DARKNESS — not of the night.

Traversing time, over the Earth,
they walk through men’s dreams,
where dark thoughts give birth.

Power they gain from all those asleep,
in ways that are dark — and unseen by sheep.

Once we were nine, now we are three,
riding on steeds, with raven decree.

Made as above, yet so below,
the blíkk within some,
is made to bestow.

— The Drótt of Draugablíkk 9:33