Released June 11, 2021 Dubbed migration era “battle music” by its admirers, Wolves of Hyrkania (Gothunni Metal Cut) emerges as the hauntingly metallic iteration of Draugablíkk’s enigmatic concept EP.


  1. Ride to War (Gothunni Metal Cut)
  2. Fearless We Stand Tall (Gothunni Metal Cut)
  3. Where the Spirit Wills (Gothunni Metal Cut)

Listen here.

The music invites listeners to journey through the depths of the migration era, guided by the sounds of war and the howl of the wolves. Its mysterious aura invites speculation and intrigue, leaving fans to unravel the secrets hidden within its haunting melodies.

“The echoes of their battles and the whispers of their intrigue still linger, waiting to be rediscovered.”

Wolves of Hyrkania (Gothunni Metal Cut) harkens back in time to the shadows of the Dark Ages, a historical time when tales of the unparalleled bravery of the valiant Goths and the unmatched skill of the horse-borne Huns spread like wildfire, striking fear and admiration into the hearts of all men.

The Goths and the Huns, united in their power, became known as the mysterious Gothunni, known as the Ostrogoths in historical sources. Their might and kingship still echo through the ages, a reminder of the legends that gave birth to the Viking Age.