August 29, 2022 — People are people, and life is life. The ancient world was very different from ours, but it was also the same. Plague and war were part of the world then, just as it is part of our world now. What our forebears discovered about themselves living in that world is as true today as it was then.

They learned to focus on what they controlled, did something about it, and let go of what they could not control. People were ambitious. Siblings argued over money and land. Marriages and oaths were torn apart by betrayal and temptation. What could go wrong did, and fate delivered painful news. Hence, it was important to honor one’s ancestors.

“Turn off the television for a moment to reflect. Make yourself available to the wisdom of the past.”

The timeless wisdom of those who came before

Reading about what remains of ancestral wisdom, written down by caretakers like Snorri Sturluson and Saxo Grammaticus — who created much of the Norse literature — is one way to bond. If you are unsure where to start, read Hávamal — practical and timeless wisdom passed down to us by Gaut of the Gautigoths, who also went by Óðinn, the High One.

Bonding through reading aside, honoring your ancestral spirits by sharing a meal, or offering a lit candle works just as well. Intent and focus while carrying out these acts are what truly matter.

Be brave, be just, and seek what is real. Turn off the television for a moment to reflect. Make yourself available to the wisdom of the past.

The art depicts the ‘Blomsholm‘ stone ship burial in northern Ránafylke, the ancient name for Bohuslän on the Swedish west coast (formerly Norway) that was later divided into north and south, Ránríki and Alvheim. Alvheim is said to have extended from the Glomma in Norway to the Gautigoth river in Sweden, Göta älv.

Today, the Blomsholm stone ship burial area is part of an area called Skee. In ancient times the region was called Skeiðhof or Skeidhiuhofi, denoting a high seat of a powerful clan, jarl, or konungr (king).

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