September 23, 2022 — Myth, like music, will never reveal its true meaning unless you embrace it with an open mind in good spirit.

Coinciding with the Autumn Equinox, Draugablíkk released twinsingle ‘Myrkrmáni Haustablót’ on Friday, September 23, at 03:03 CET. Is there numerology in play?

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Haustablót is the Norse fall equinox feast that recognizes the beginning of winter as the agricultural season ends. Haustrblót likely had a focal point on the day of the Autumn Equinox when the sun crosses the plane of the equator (away from the corresponding hemisphere) when day and night are of equal length. Divine twins, in more ways than one.

Note that Norse literature does not include details on Haustablót, and the celebration of it is a modern reconstruction, although the equinox undoubtedly reflects traditional practices.

The Haustablót occurred over several weeks, as can be glimpsed through its Celtic cousin “Mabon” celebration. The transition into the darkness of winter ostensibly brought a time of celebration to venerate fertility gods like Freyr for the summer’s good harvest. Conversely, if crops failed, the Old Gods would likely be honored and receive offerings with an intent to make the next season provide a better yield for the people.

The Norse tradition of Álfablót is arriving by the end of October. We suggest you get your spiritual house in order by then — if you have not already done so.

Bond with the Old Gods, and seek to connect with those you feel reflect your will, mind, and gut. Make haste, but take heed — in unseen forces lies a potent power that may be difficult to control. If there is something important you have thought of doing, or if there is something you have to do but have not come around to yet — heed our advice and get it done before the Álfablót.

Ancient rituals and heathen life is not all love. All is not one; some of us do not share the same consciousness. Do not kindle the hottest fire only for seeking warmth, for even the weakest of flames can blossom into its own.

We will need fire in our guts aplenty moving forward; and luckily, that is what we have always had — lots of, before they made us forget who we once were.