The Old Gods Are Watching

To reunite ancient Scandinavia with the Great Steppe, Draugablíkk blends Nordic folk with shamanic song traditions to honor the spirit of Ásaland and rekindle the Old Gods.

With bold curiosity, Draugablíkk delves into the enthralling realms of history and folklore, revealing captivating mysteries and long-forgotten events. Haunting melodies from the Nordic talharpa and bukkehorn intertwine with evocative steppe sounds like the saz and tsuur.

The world of our ancestors was danger, intrigue, and blood feud. They lived in a world of wonder and supernatural realities now long forgotten. Draugablíkk seeks to rediscover the past — of their past, and to unearth long-lost, invaluable knowledge from a time when only the brave survived — and only those of deep lore prospered. The mystery of the divine spark awaits us.

Third Eye Blind

Within the realm of profound understanding, mystery reigns supreme. Yet, not all souls have the elusive spark of Draugablíkk — a sacred gift, granting the sight of the hidden realms through deep knowledge of the runes and the antediluvian world.

“Thus, the task at hand falls on those with the natural ability to connect with the past while seeing reality for what it is — those reborn with the blíkk.”

Those with the blíkk potential to grasp the intricate cycles of time and civilizations’ ebb and flow acknowledge the existence of advanced ancient civilizations that far surpassed our own.

Thus, the task at hand falls on those with the natural ability to connect with the past while seeing reality for what it is. Those who can sense the ancestral ghosts around us, the sleeping giants in the hills, and the great beasts and deities others dismiss as legend. Those reborn with the blíkk — whose scarred yet capable hearts chase sinister forces through the cycles of time.

The history of mankind has been cloaked for too long

Inspired by events described in Norse sources and Graeco-Roman literature, our songs explore the past’s more intriguing aspects by blending historical languages and ancient beliefs.

In addition to being a folk act focused on exploring ancient musical traditions, history, and lore, Draugablíkk is a cross-cultural project that aims to raise awareness of who we are — and from whence we came. Draugablíkk is a thought form, establishing itself through invigorating fiction and art based on the myths in which lies the initial truth of our creation.

“Topics include the Hunno-Gutnish conflicts of the Great Steppe, the Viking Age, and the Migration Era.”

The Old Gods Are Watching

The Old Gods do not want us to live in a world without magic, for that is a world without mystery and meaning. Nonetheless, those who willingly embark on the path of self-initiation shall rekindle the forces of the Old Gods that will defy those who govern from the shadows.

With best wishes that you may be reborn in the kind of world our ancestors dreamt of.

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Alvtýra, Amajarl, & Valgam

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