E​Í​N: Burial at Sea (​Æ​ttarb​á​l)

An Ode to Norse Rites

‘EÍN: Burial at Sea – Ættarbál’ emerges as a duet of haunting tracks, each meticulously woven to honor the ancestral practices and legendary narratives of Scandinavia’s deep past.

A Chieftain’s Final Voyage

In ‘Burial at Sea’, the poignant voyage of a fallen chieftain is captured with solemn reverence. The melody resonates with the eternal sound of ancient waves, carrying the leader’s spirit on a pyre ablaze with honor. His kin, standing on the shore, are silhouettes of sorrow, silently bidding farewell as his spirit embarks on its final, fiery journey.

The Sacred Fire of Norse Farewells

The term “Ættarbál” conjures images of Norse bonfire funerals, a poignant ceremony honoring the departed within the community. This tradition symbolizes the deep bonds of kinship and the collective memory of the clan.

A Dive into Norse Creation Myths

‘Hel var Árheim’, crafted in the ancient cadence of fornkvaði and written in archaic Nordic prose, delves into the creation mythos of Norse lore more profoundly than any known poem. It speaks of a time shrouded in mystery, when the lands of Scandinavia and Finland were known as Hel, a realm of enigma and ancient power.

Unveiling the Cosmos

Drawing from the depths of the Vǫluspá, as revealed to Óðinn by a seeress, ‘Hel var Árheim’ explores the genesis and predicted demise of the world. The Vǫluspá serves as a key to long-hidden truths and a harbinger of the events to come, including the cataclysmic Ragnarǫkkr. Immerse yourself in the haunting melody of ‘Hel var Árheim’ and be transported to an era of gods and giants. This song is a guardian of ancient truths, carrying the wisdom of the ages and forewarning of the impending transformation of the world.

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