To honor the Winter Solstice, we are releasing Hreinnhǫfði: Solstice Sólablót’ today — Tuesday, December 21.

We consider this a single release even though it has two tracks, one with metal instrumentation and the other with a more acoustic sound. The song features the vocals of our new songstress Alvtýra. The track is a reworked “shamanic” follow-up version of our Verjaseiðr album song by the same name (the Verjaseiðr record was released on the Winter Solstice of 2020, exactly one year ago).

“We hope fans will be listening to Hreinnhǫfði as the sky fathers align.”

The 2021 winter solstice occurs at 10:59 a.m. ET/7:59 a.m. and (nowadays) marks the official start of the astronomical winter and the Northern Hemisphere’s shortest day.

We hope fans will be listening to Hreinnhǫfði as the stars align. Rest assured, Draugablíkk will be there with you in spirit — on time and schedule.

Hreinnhǫfði: Solstice Sólablót Tracklist:

  1. Hreinnhǫfði feat. Alvtýra (Verjaseiðr Metal Cut)
  2. Hreinnhǫfði feat. Alvtýra (Galdramadr Unplugged)