Released June 19, 2020 — “NÍU – Blood of the Amali (Ásaland Metal Cut)” is Draugablíkk’s debut album and includes nine folk metal tracks.


  1. Serpents in the Mist (Ásaland Metal Version)
  2. From the Ashes of Aujum (Ásaland Metal Version)
  3. To Særkland and Back Again (Ásaland Metal Version)
  4. Wolfclan Rising (Ásaland Metal Version)
  5. Battle of Brávellir (Ásaland Metal Version)
  6. Across the Varangian Sea (Ásaland Metal Version)
  7. Húnagaldr (Ásaland Metal Version) [feat. Valgam Akatziri]
  8. Draugablót: The Fall of Indra (Ásaland Metal Version)
  9. Beyond the Silkroad (Ásaland Metal Version)

The neofolk ‘Kattegat Unplugged’ edition will be released in the latter half of 2021.

NÍU: Blood of the Amali (Ásaland Metal Cut) features nine tracks inspired by Scandinavian and Eurasian history, shamanic philosophies of the great steppes, and last — but certainly not least — Norse and Gothic sagas and myth as well as Scythian beliefs.

“The number nine is significant in Norse myth, as made evident by Óðinn who sacrificed himself, to himself, on the tree of life Yggdrasill for nine days and nights, until the secret of the runes was revealed.”

The Amali (also called Amals and Amalings) were a leading dynasty of Scandinavian origin that preceded the Ynglings. Around 375, the Amali Goths joined their arch-enemies the Huns to wage war on the Western Roman Empire.

After Attila died in 453 and the Huns were dispersed, the Roman Empire finally collapsed in 476 under the pressure of Amali Goths and other Germanic tribes. The Amalings then became the royal house of the Ostrogoths and founded the Ostrogothic Kingdom of Italy in 493.