Released October 31, 2020 — Valgam Akatziri strikes out on his own — if only for a day — with a rather unexpected and uniquely sounding single.


  1. Yngvi Tyrkja Konungr

‘Yngvi Tyrkja Konungr’ captures the galloping spirit of the Migration Era’s horse lord warrior cultures, an era when the Goths and the Huns became forever intertwined.

The Old Norse title Yngvi Tyrkja Konungr means “King Over Turks” or “Ruler of the Turks” — possibly in reference to Óðinn — whose army had (supposedly) subjugated one or more Turkic nomad tribes of the Great Eurasian steppe. A large number of Hun warriors spoke ancient Turkic, although their warrior-priest elites, the ’qam shamans, spoke an Indo-European language — perhaps like Sogdian, Tocharian, or Proto-Gothic.

“The title Yngvi Tyrkja Konungr Is Old Norse and means “King Over Turks” or “Ruler of the Turks”.

In the Íslendingabók written by Ari Þorgilsson in the early 1200s, Yngvi Tyrkja konungr appears as the father of Njǫrðr, who in turn is the father of Yngvi-Freyr, ancestor of the Ynglings.

According to the Skjǫldunga saga, Óðinn arrived from Asia — Ásaland/Scythia in the sources.